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Everyone get first hand experience of what spam is like, whether you are on sites like Facebook or Twitter. Maybe your favorite forum late at night. Or even directly on your phone, you recieve random spam like messages. It happens everywhere and to everyone.

Every month hundreds of billions of Emails, Messages, and even Comments being spam. I felt it was time to provide an optionf for people to protect their services and content. Many existing solutions today have their flaws, whether they are severly over priced, or heavily limited on the amount of requests you can make.

We believe the best way to support creators and developers is to provide them with the tools needed to ease up the development process and a simple way to moderate their content. Whether technical or non-technical we believe you should have the ability to use our services.

So we have built Wavu.


Packing Wavu full of as many features as needed to ensure a spam-free experience is our goal. We've built in-house and worked with others to provide the best experience possible with our product.

AI-Powered Spam Detection

We've worked tirelessly to develop an advanced text-analysis model trained on countless diverse spam datasets, each carefully verified by humans. To provide you and your users with a spam-free experience.

GEO-IP & Blacklist Detection

Want that extra bit of security? Easily detect if a request is coming from a known spammer or restrict based on Country. Easily configure this from our SDKs or from your dashboard when configuring a key for your site.

AI Generated Content Detection

As former freelancers, we are too familiar with AI generated content flooding into apps. That's why we've included the ability to detect and prevent AI generated content before it even hits your site.

Privacy & Security

Security and Privacy is important to all of us, We adhere to stringent data protection standards, employing encryption and industry-best practices to protect your users data. Providing you with a secure and private platform you can rely on.

Integrations Done Right

Whether you are a lead developer on a project, or just starting your online store. We want it to be easy for you to protect your site. We're building out new libraries for existing languages to easily connect to our service as well as plugins for those looking for no-code solutions.











Rest API

Rapid API

Dead Simple Pricing

Why make it complicated? We offer a variety of packages for different needs.



All Features
Unlimited Websites
1,000 Calls Per Month
Basic Email Support



All Features
Unlimited Websites
50,000 Calls Per Month
Priority Email Support



All Features
Unlimited Websites
500,000 Calls Per Month
Priority Support



All Features
More API Calls
Assisted Installation
Direct Support